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  • One low price for the leading Wound Care Education Program & Certification
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What our graduates are saying

The Vohra Wound Certification program was an interesting course and it was very helpful. I use the things that I learned in the course and I apply them when I’m out on the floor.

Dawanna White
Margate Health & Rehab

Having a full-time Vohra Wound Certified Nurse on staff, along with the knowledge brought by weekly visits from our Vohra physician, has allowed our team to continuously provide the highest standard of care.

Stephanie Lessard
Eastgate Nursing & Rehab

The study guide were very useful, and I learned about new dressings that were more economical and very effective. Nurse should take the course because it’s interesting and very helpful, the instruction is clear, and the administrator are very helpful.

Ha Guyen

Centers of Excellence:
The Standard of Wound Management

At Vohra, we strive to ensure that the facilities we partner with are the best facilities to send patients with acute and chronic wounds (pressure, diabetic, venous, arterial, lymphedema, neoplasm, burns and many others).

The certification process begins with a Director of Nursing (DON) or the Administrator applying online to designate their facility as a Center of Excellence in Wound Management. The application is then reviewed by a panel of physicians and senior executives, looking for high performance in the following criteria:

  • Designated, accountable Vohra Wound Certified Nurse(s) seven days a week
  • A verified outcomes-focused, Vohra Physician led Wound Care Program
  • A wound related hospitalization rate of less than 1%
  • Regular team meetings with a focus on Quality and Process Improvement (QAPI)


Specialty physician bedside care in partnership with facility staff delivers superior outcomes.


Timely appropriate bedside specialty care prevents hospitalizations. The result is more efficient use of health care dollars, greater satisfaction for the patient, and financial benefits to the facility.


We work with facilities to ensure cost effective delivery of services. This extends to medications as well as other therapeutic interventions. There are daily instances where a less expensive option can be selected without compromising quality of care.

Ostomy Wound Management Journal publishes Landmark Lewin Study on VOHRA Wound Outcomes

21 Day Decrease
in Wound Healing Times

88% Decrease
in Wound-Related Hospitalizations

86% Decrease
in Infection and Amputation Rates

Download the Landmark Lewin Study on VOHRA Wound Outcomes

A Retrospective Comparison of Clinical Outcomes and Medicare Expenditures in Skilled Nursing Facility Residents with Chronic Wounds

Download PDF Report

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Landmark Lewin Study on VOHRA Wound Outcomes